A simple strategy game like Othello, Reversi & Attaxx.

Play against your device or another player. Choose one of your squares and then either copy or move that square into one of the highlighted squares surrounding it. Take over the other player's squares by jumping next to them, and win by making it impossible for the other player to move.

Forget about the daily commute - fire up Squares! STILL FREE!

- 125 boards
- 4 board sizes: 8x10, 8x12, 9x14, 10x16 - fits all iPhone displays!
- 1 and 2-player modes: play against your device or another player
- Random boards
- Full boards with no missing places
- Skip boards you don't want to play
- Resume a previous game

- Re-written using more modern methods.
- Compatibile with iOS 9 & 10.
- Uses all new-fangled things like 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s & 7 (and Plus models) so you can press the app icon to start a new game or resume a saved game.
- Some simple, but lovely animations in the game and menus.
- Updated the graphics.
- Tweaked the board layouts.
- Added hi-scores. Get 1 point for every square you convert to your colour.
- You can now play 4 different board sizes: 8x10 for the iPhone 4s, 8x12 for the iPhone 5/5c/5s & SE, 9x14 for the iPhone 6/6s/7, and 10x16 for the iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus.
- You can also play smaller boards on larger displays, i.e. 8x10 and 8x12 can also be played on the iPhone 6.
- You can save a game to resume later for each board size.
- If your device terminates Squares in the background to free up some memory, your game should be saved for you to resume it when you re-launch Squares.
- Numerous bugfixes and memory improvements.
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5.5-inch screenshot_02.png
5.5-inch screenshot_03.png
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5.5-inch screenshot_05.png