Linx is a fun, addictive game that gets fast and frantic very quickly! Draw "linx" between squares of the same colour/style. Draw the required amount for that level and you advance to the next.

It's not as simple as you think though. In your way are balls that bounce around the screen. Hit a ball with your line while you're drawing it and you lose a life. Take too long to draw a link, and you lose another life. There are also certain combinations of linx that make your line wider for a short time making it harder to avoid the balls.

It's really not all that bad - there are bonuses to be had: squares that count as any colour, bombs that remove other squares, and smart bombs that remove all squares of that colour. You'll also get extra lives, extra seconds for your timer, and you can even remove balls from play. On top of that, an invulnerability mode means you won't lose a life if a ball hits your line, and killer mode lets you remove a ball from the game by hitting it with your line!

It's fun, it's fast, it's Linx!


- Great graphics and addictive gameplay!

- Fast-paced action

- Bonus combos! Invulnerability mode and 'killer' mode

- Choose from five tile styles

- Shake your device to shuffle the squares

- Levels grow in difficulty, more colours, fewer bombs etc.

- Four game difficulties

- Save a game to play it later

- Sound effects and original in-game music

- Hundreds of levels!


- Any multicolour squares left over from a previous level will be copied to the new level, up to a certain maximum.

- If you try to start a new game while you have a resumable game, you'll be asked to confirm, as starting a new game will delete your saved game.

- Supports all iPhone models supported by iOS 13 and above.

4.7-inch screenshot_01.png
4.7-inch screenshot_02.png
4.7-inch screenshot_03.png
4.7-inch screenshot_04.png