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Really should've got that job

  • Friday, May 14 2021 @ 09:47 pm UTC
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Coding I aced the tech test. It was "exactly what we wanted"... So why didn't I get the job?

Who knows?!

The tech test was split into two parts: API and UI. It said the spend 30 mins on the API tests, and 90 mins on the UI tests.

If you've ever created a test automation framework from scratch you'll know it's not possible to do that within 30 mins. Anyway, I did it. I created the three API tests they wanted, and I added a README to explain what I\d do differently if I had more time. I even explained how to set it up, what software you needed to install etc.

Then, the UI tests were supposed to take 90 mins. Not a chance, but again, I did it. Two business-critical tests that launched a Chrome browser, went to a specific web page, pressed buttons, added items to a cart, then went through the checkout process. Again, another README, and I listed the Gherkin steps and explained what they do, as that helps junior testers and those new to automation.

Did the video interview. A little over an hour. Was supposed to be with two people, but ended up being with three. Nothing like throwing in a curveball to get the anxiety up!

I answered the questions properly. I asked relevant questions. I "used all the right words." I knew the testing pyramid and when to use certain types of testing. They liked the way I would approach an existing framework or set of tests and how I'd prioritise things.

Did I get the job? No. Why not?

Well, apparently I was nervous. Well, no *censored* shit, Sherlock! I haven't had a job for over 400 days now.

They also said I was "more of a UI tester", which is *censored* news to me, given I haven't done UI testing in three years, and have been doing solely API testing for the past three years!

Besides, if you want a *censored* API tester, how about not making the candidate spend three times as long on the UI testing part of your tech test?

I aced their tech test - this job was mine! But, as I'm becoming accustomed to, I have extremely bad luck.

You can catch me stacking shelves in your local supermarket. I may as well forget software testing as a career. I mean, I've only been doing it for 20 *censored* years.